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Class Clown Demo/Outcasted Tryout
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Even in the late hours of the night, the city was alive with activity, clubs, bars, and the like lighting the streets in vibrant neon colours, loud music blaring in every bar and clashing in the outside night. And yet, the streets themselves were quiet, only the odd drunkard wandering either home or towards more *******, or small groups of students wandering to the next big club.

And then in the alleyways, there was little me, out for a stroll. Maybe a drink. And definitely a little trouble.

Well, lessee here, I thought to myself, as I wandered into the streets, gazing from coloured light to coloured light, what kind of bar scene am I in the mood for? Plenty of choice in a place like this, with all sorts of themed restaurants, bars, et cetera. Heck, maybe there were even a few I’d not been banned from. Like… in all honesty, it did take some looking for fresh pastures. Wanderings up and down the north part of the city. Roamings through West District. And it would be pointless to check the south, given down there was all industrial facilities.

And then I saw it. Out of the corner of my eye, a leaflet pinned to a lamppost. A new nightclub, all the way down in… Well, well, well. It’d been quite some time since I was last down there.

Or rather, since the other me was...

The Eastern Borough… home. Why did Clown bring me here? He knew as well as I did that simply being in a place so familiar gave me back control over my mind. So why would he willingly take us where he was incapacitated…?

{Oh, we playing Stupid Questions? My turn! What’s that piece of paper I put in your hand?}

I looked to my hand, where I was evidently clutching something… a piece of paper. I unfolded it, and took a moment to read its contents.
OPENING NEXT TUESDAY (The flyer was evidently a few weeks old)
And underneath, a map of the city, an arrow pointing to the venue’s location, just a few blocks from where I stood.
“…Why are we headed to a nightclub?”
{Why not? You get to drink, I get to have fun.}
“…Last time you had fun, we ended up in jail.”
{RHG paid the bail. What’s your problem?}
“YOU are my problem, Clown. There’s no way I’m going to this Circus place.”
In hindsight, this argument, alongside most arguments I had with… well, with myself, were futile. After all, when Clown wanted to do something, our mind was made up.

The inside of the Secret Circus was as lively as the streets outside back in the city centre, only surprisingly with less drunks wandering round. The whole scene was quite pleasant, a very chilled, carefree atmosphere, alongside gentle rock music playing in the background. Come to think of it, this wasn’t the Clown’s sort of scene at all. He preferred the more, shall we say, rough-looking bars, where he’d be more likely to start a fight. So why did he want to go here?

{Why don’t you go get a drink?}

Something here didn’t seem right, Clown was definitely planning something. But what? The annoying thing was it was probably right in front of me, as I walked to the bar, glancing at what drinks were available. Whatever he was thinking, he couldn’t gain any control whilst we were still in East, unless-
I wasn’t able to finish that train of thought, as I was distracted by the bar staff, a young woman with long, chestnut hair.
“Take your order, sir?”
“Hmm? Oh, yeah. Uhh, just a beer, please.”
The woman took a second look at me, “…You look a little young to be drinking, you got ID?”
“Uhh yeah, hold on…” Reaching into my pocket, I took my mind backwards a step, back to thinking what wasn’t right here. Clown had brought me to this Secret Circus place, for seemingly no mischievous reasons. Finding my ID in my pocket, I showed it to the young woman still waiting.

And then it hit me like a train. As soon as she recognised where the ID was from.

“…RHG? Hey, whaddaya know. I’m a, uh, big fan of the whole thing.”

That ever-so-slight hesitation. ‘Big fan’ meant something else. Her name tag, Kaye… Where did the name sound familiar…
The RHG Database. I’d been found in there with no memory of breaking in the other week. Thus meaning Clown had looked through the fighter’s names, and being Kaye was somehow familiar…
But then so was another name.

“…I think I’m supposed to be looking for a, uhh… Janice?”

Kaye froze in her tracks, staring me in the eye, glancing down to the RHG ID and then back to me.
“…Well, guess it explains why you’re here. Alright, you found who you’re looking for. I’m Janice.”
“Oh, uhh, great. Good. …So, uhh…” I was confused as to where I went from here. Why did Clown lead me to this Janice person?
{Why the hell do you think, genius?}
Kaye’s, or evidently, Janice’s, personality towards me had changed, she seemed a little colder, more impatient. “You’re new to this whole thing, ain’t you? Look, there’s only one reason you came here looking for me, and it’s to fight me, right?”

And like that, I had unwillingly played part in another of the Clown’s pre-planned battles.

“Well, now you mention it…” I gave a small, playful grin, as Simon’s voice echoed various profanities in my head as it faded.
Janice seemed somewhat bemused by the sudden change in personality, but bored by the fact that she was being challenged. “Yeah, I thought so.” Pointing to a door to my left, “Back door. I’ll be right out, we’ll get this damn thing out of the way and you can go home.”

It took only moments to get to the door, push it open, and close it, when Simon called out.

(Dude, KNIFE!)

I frantically slammed the door, and took a wild step back as it swung back open, Janice standing in the doorway, clutching a knife buried into the door. “Well, so much for getting this done quickly…”

So this was how this fight was going to go? Perfect, I thought to myself, mischievous sneer returning to my face. With that knife stuck in the door, she’d have to wrench it out, and that would give me enough time for my own cheap shot. Or three.

Reaching behind me, I armed myself with my bat, and took a swift step forward, ready to cave her head in with it. Noticing my assault, Janice quickly and (to my disbelief) effortlessly pulled the knife from the door, and slammed it shut, stepping aside as I shoulder-crashed into it. I quickly swung my bat into her knife hand, pinning it to the wall, and took to aiming my free fist at her head, to no avail, as she craned her neck to the right to avoid it. This left me open to an attack, I knew as soon as her hand jabbed me in the gut, forcing me to my knee gasping to regain the air that had just been knocked out of my lungs.

The next of Janice’s blows was to my jaw; luckily she’d decided to use the hilt of the knife to disorient me. Of course, that meant I was defenceless for her next move – bringing the knife down into my back.
(Throw your bat in the air.)
(Just DO IT!)
Unable to think of better tactics, I cast my bat skywards, and released it as a THUNK was heard above my head.

The knife had impaled onto the bat, which wrenched it out of Janice’s hand by the upward momentum. The two weapons clattered to the ground to the side of her.

(Quickly, while she’s distracted!)
No more needed to be said, I leapt to my feet, launching my fist into her jaw, and grabbing her by the throat in order to-

Well, whatever I was planning was knocked out of my head, as Janice (I’m not sure if I saw this right, it seemed impossible) had sort of twisted her body into a position where she could kick me in the skull, hook the back of my head with her ankle, and throw me to the ground behind her with a backflip.

I got to my knees once again, and froze as I noticed a gun pointed to my head.

Oddly enough, Janice had a somewhat amused grin on her face. “Well, I didn’t think it would be, but this was kind of fun. Hell, if you stick around with RHG maybe we can do this again sometime.”
After spitting blood, I reacted, “Oh nonono, I don’t do rematches… I win this one now. You go home once you remember how to walk.”
“Even with a gun to your head, you think you can win this? You are just a riot.”

(Clown… corner of your eye… see it?)
The baseball bat, knife still planted firmly in it. The knife handle made the two just within reach.
Slowly, I edged my hand closer, trying not to draw attention to it-
BANG. A bullet grazed my ear, and my eyes widened instinctually, my heartbeat quickening.

Janice’s eyes seemed to glimmer. Through whatever emotion was a mystery, until she spoke. “…The look in your eye… You… it’s… impossible to read…”

The gunfire wasn’t to warn me about going for the weapon. Hell, she hadn’t noticed…
(We need to keep her busy…Ask her what she means.)
My fingers brushed against the knife’s handle… “What you talking about?”
Another gunshot, this one scraping past my chest, a biting pain from the bullet’s path.
“The look in your eye. Your face shows fear, your eyes are wide, you’re breathing’s accelerated, hell, you’re starting to shake. But your eyes… there’s no fear. You’re scared… but you’re not…?”
(KEEP HER TALKING.) It was obvious where the confusion was. I wasn’t scared, but the other me was terrified.

The knife/bat was now in my grasp, I just needed the right moment…
“…Guess I’m just sort of half-scared… Not sure what you-“

The next two bullets sunk into my knee.


The knife/bat swung through the air, the tip of the bat crashing into the side of Janice’s skull with a thundering CRACK, and she fell to the ground in a heap. Before she could get up, I took the handle of my bat, and bludgeoned her in the skull again.

This time, she didn’t get back up.
She could only lie there, gashes in her head, blood oozing from her wounds-
…What the hell kind of blood was grey?

…Wow, Clown had done some damage here… poor soul must have a fractured skull, I thought to myself, looking at the body on the ground. And yes, I’d caught onto the grey blood. But it wasn’t exactly the top priority right now…

I wasn’t entirely sure how long it’d been between Clown’s beating this Janice woman and my regaining control. Had Janice bled out? Was she going to be OK? Despite her having us at gunpoint minutes ago, I was genuinely beginning to worry.

I edged closer, considering checking for a pulse…

And that’s when she broke from her feigned unconsciousness and grabbed me by the throat, glaring me in the eye with (most likely but hopefully not) murderous intent.
“You made me bleed.”
“IMSORRYIDIDNTMEANITIWONTDOITAGAINPLEASEDONTHURTMEIWANNALIVE-“ The rest of this breakdown was cut short when she slapped me across the face.
“SHUT UP. Well now, you know too much. Can’t let you too far out of my sights, now can I?”
She reached her hand into her pocket, I closed my eyes fearing the worst…


One eye eased open.
…some kind of… form?

“RHG Clan signup sheet. You wanna live, you sign it.”
“…I don’t get it…”
Janice sighed, clutching her head as if my idiocy was painful rather than the gaping head wound. “You don’t want to be killed. I don’t want to have to deal with your little psycho side- that’s right,” she added with my look of disbelief, “I figured it out. It’s kind of obvious. Anyways, I think you could be of some use to me. I get tons of people starting trouble in the club. How’s about you help me out with some of them?”

I took a moment to think. Stay with Janice, and probably lose my mind to the Clown every night, or…

“…You’re really going to kill me if I turn this down?”
Janice smiled evilly, a threatening look in her eye. “You want to take the risk finding out?”

I said nothing more, and simply took the paper from Janice’s hand. The smile lingering on her face, she took me back into the club, her last words sending a wave of unease through my very soul.

“A Clown in the Circus. We’re gonna have a lot of fun…”
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Sweet story SHIFT! The fighting was sick, it all looked like it had a natural flow, and the dialogue between the characters was really entertaining! Especially the two halves of Clown! Can't wait to see more of this guy!

Class Clown Demo/Outcasted Tryout
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