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Acute Challenges #1
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Welcome, welcome, welucomu!

Glad for you to come by to this thread dear ones, which means you must interested in what theses challenges are right? *eyes at you like a parrot with one large beady eye*

Of course! What else could it be? Unless you're here to save a princess which, bad news for you, SHE'S IN ANOTHER CASTLE WITH MY COOKIES! >_____>

Anyways, these challenges, Acute challenges as the title says, are simple and random just for fun really! Once in two weeks I will post these challenges and so, if you are thinking to take these challanges on, you have two weeks to finish them. Once done, post it here for all to see!

See? Ain't that simple?

So yeah, ready to take on this challenge? Yes? No? Maybe? I don't know? Can you repeat the questi-*is hit by a random mallet*

[Ahem, Lateo here, sorry for that, she was going to sing the whole song and I doubt you'd like to hear that...Anyways, those wanting to take on this challenge be my guest! Open the spoiler and get writing!]


Acute Challenge #1: Write a story about your day or part of your day! And no, that's not all, write about your day if you had a character, any character, you have created whether it be your RHG or a charcter you made for a novel or a RP character, accompany you. Make things as crazy as you like.

If you have any question, feel free to ask me here or PM me ;D
Good luck~!

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Heh, there's like an 80% chance you'll be seeing August at McDonald's!

The things I've been writing have been too serious lately. Guess I need the excuse to clown around again!



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I like how the challenges are called "Acute" challenges. That can't be a coincidence XD

Feeling Blue? Maybe it's the site eye-raping you. Click
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to find a way around it.
wRHG -
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: He can see dead people...while they're still alive.
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Driving with Dare


A loud ‘thunk’ suddenly echoed throughout the cul-de-sac as my front tire missed backing out of the driveway, instead choosing to plummet off the curb on my next door neighbor’s lawn. Even though I ignored that, continuing to back up before shifting into drive, I couldn’t pretend to miss the slow clap that came from the passenger seat.

“Nicely done.”

“Shut up.”

I got a moment of silence as I left my street, taking the first turn onto Balufaut, or whatever that street’s name is. “How long have you been driving again?” Dare received another glare, only to reply with a smirk.


“Just figured that you’d get the hang of it after doing it twice a week since July. Not counting your driver’s training.”

I gave him a few incoherent grumbles. “I don’t like backing up.”

“Is going in a straight line really that difficult?”

“...Shut up.” The man chuckled a bit at my response, “Why are you here anyway? I’m going to college.”

“Because you live a boring life,” Dare smugly replied, leaning back against his seat, “So you’ve apparently got to resort to talking to me for acutelatios’ exercise.”

“Hey! My life’s not boring!”

“Name the last time you did anything physical-” I opened my mouth to speak, but he adjusted the question before I could, “With anyone else.”

Well there went my bike rides. “Bite me. And don’t break the fourth wall. It screws with my story.”

“Heh, what can I say, my voice is a battering ram for the thing!” Dare laughed as we neared 8 Mile, “And forgetting something?”


“So you don’t need your laptop for your computer class?”

Tires screeched as I immediately did a U turn at far above the recommended speed limit. “Don’t even talk.”

“Like it isn’t already implied,” Dare smirked at me before looking back out the front window. “At least you didn’t get as far as last time this happened!”

“For the record,” I glared, “I would’ve noticed on my own.”

“Heh, don’t worry, I know,” My passenger chuckled, “You made the same turn at the same time in real life when this really happened.”

“Again with the fourth wall!? Seriously man!”

“Heh, you act like you can stop me,” He laughed, “What are we listening to anyway?”

I paused for a moment, but it didn’t take much longer before I knew. It helped that they were on the chorus. “Three Days Grace, ‘Chalk Outline’.”

“No, I meant on YouTube, a few tabs over from the Google Docs.”

“Dude!” His smirk somehow grew a bit larger. “...And it’s Sick Puppies, ‘Should’ve Known Better’.”

“Yeah, you should’ve!” It bothered me that that wasn’t even on purpose. “Way to pick ‘I Hate You’ after it by the way!” That part was. “Aren’t they both about relationships though?”

“Shut up and listen to the radio. You’re annihilating my timeline.” Dare shrugged as I reached the house again. Barely going up the driveway, I left little room for error as I sprinted out of the car, inside and to my room where I had left my backpack, laptop inside, before dashing back out. Slamming the car door shut again, I tried take two of my little trip.

“No GPS?”

“No GPS.”

“But you have no sense of direction.” He grinned, “Do you even know the name of the street we’re on?”

“I’ll tell you when we get to 8 Mile,” I smirked back.

“Heh, looks like you might get that adventure after all!”

Yep. Glared again. “If you’re not in pain by the end of the story,” I rolled my steering wheel to the right, turning the car onto 8 Mile, “Then I suck at writing.”

“If I’m in pain and you aren’t,” He grinned back, “Then you suck at realism.”

“Hey! Only I get to break the fourth wall!”

“You’re kidding, right?” Dare chuckled, “Then watch this!” Glancing over his shoulder, he offered a friendly smile. “Hey Luna, how’ve you been?”

“Quit talking to individual readers!” I snapped, shoving his shoulder forward, forcing him to look ahead. He couldn’t help but laugh. “You’re making it sound like I kidnapped her or something!” Which I didn’t. “Geez!” He couldn’t help but laugh harder.

“Don’t miss your turn,” He managed between chuckles as I neared the light at Harper. I took my eyes off the road for a quick second to shoot him a glare as I signaled. True to form, I missed the light by about three seconds. “Have you ever made this light?”

“Once or twice.”

Dare scoffed at my bad luck, his eyes soon wandering as he tapped his fingers on the glass impatiently. I would’ve mocked him, but I was doing the same thing with my non-driving foot. After roughly thirty more seconds however, the green signal finally came, so I was able to make my turn into the merging lane of the highway. My foot pressing against the gas, I could hear the engine roar to life with my rapid acceleration. Not to sound like an adrenaline junky, but I love gunning it! It even broadened Dare’s smirk as I passed 70 mph, better known as the speed limit.

“The one law you’ll break, huh?”

“Heh, it’s more of a suggestion on the highway!”

“Even after you hit eighty?” His expression grew sly with the question, “Still don’t think you’re pushing it?”

I glanced back at the speedometer: 87. “He’s going faster,” I shrugged, motioning to a car in the far left lane, going at least 90, if not more, “So if anything, he’ll get the ticket, not me.”

“And here you’re supposed to be the good one,” Dare grinned, first to me before looking to his pocket and reaching inside, “If you don’t mind me quoting your brother, of course.”

“Since when does me minding something affect you?” I honestly didn’t know if I was asking a serious question or not, “At all?”

“Fair enough,” Was the chuckle I received in reply. Laughing lightly myself, I guess I was kidding around. Glancing over to him, I suddenly saw what he had pulled out of his pocket, twirling between his fingers. The shock almost made me slam on the breaks.

“You brought a knives in the car!?”

“Technically they’re bombs too,” Dare smirked, clearly finding my mini panic humorous, “But sure, we can call them knives if it makes you feel better.”

“Dude?! What are thinking?!”

“That you should probably slow down to 70,” He casually shrugged, “Actually, no, screw it, 75.”

“No!” I yelled back, having to look between him and the road, “I’m not going less than 80! I’m on the highway, this in the one time I can do this!”

“Always good to hear that your priorities are in line,” Dare joked, “If you end up getting us pulled over like an idiot though, just don’t say anything and they won’t ever know.”

“How wouldn’t they know?!” I demanded, quickly losing my patience, “You’ve got bombs in the car! They’ll think we’re terrorists!”

“Or right, because every cop has a bomb sniffing dog in the back of their car,” My passenger mocked, “I’m really curious about how your version of logic works. Sounds like your train of thought ran off the rails and crashed into an airplane.” Sad thing is that actually made sense in my head. “Sad thing is that that probably makes sense in your head.”

“Ya know what, screw you.”

“Heh, I’ll take that as a ‘yeah, it does’.” I groaned, confirming his belief, earning me a chuckle in return. “You’re predictable anyways, but if you weren’t already insane, there wouldn’t be anyone easier to call out.” I rolled my eyes, finding my exit and gradually easing off the gas. “I distinctly remember the drive taking longer by the way.”

“I’m not writing a 20 minute long conversation with you.”

“Heh, I wonder why.”

I shot him a glare as my foot found the break for the oncoming red light. “Why?”

“A man is but a product of his thoughts.” Judging by his smirk, there was a point to the quote. “Know who said it?”

“Ghandi. I’m sorry, where are you going with this?”

“I’m your thought. I own you.” My glare became slightly more intense. “Just like I’ve owned this conversation.”

“You’re a terrible person,” I started, taking my eyes off him as I turned into the Specs lot, “Just incase you were curious.”

Dare cocked an eyebrow as I took the absolute first parking space, the one that just happened to be the farthest from the school. “Or right,” He suddenly remembered, “Flying train-wreck logic.”

“Force of habit.” I harshly corrected, grabbing my keys from the ignition and backpack from the back seat, “I’ve been doing that for years.”

“Then I’m sure your date tomorrow’s going to love having to walk a mile to the theatre!”

“It’snotadate.” The words flew out of my mouth so fast it almost sounded like I only said one.

“How is dinner and a movie not a date?” Dare questioned, somewhat genuinely curious.

“It just isn’t, alright?” Something in my voice implied I didn’t even fully believe that myself. “It’s almost a date, but not quite.”

“Heh, keep telling yourself the lie and maybe you’ll actually believe it,” Dare chuckled, walking next to me as I began heading to the building, “Within all honestly though, you like this girl, and for some reason, she likes you too.” I almost took offense to that. “Don’t be anyone but yourself, and maybe you’ll actually be on an official date with her. Not some blatantly obvious, yet still gray area, but the real thing.”

I paused for a few seconds, taking my eyes off the door and onto Dare for a few seconds. “...Yeah...” I gradually agreed, “You’re right, actually. ...Thanks.”

“You act like it’s weird for me to be right,” Dare chuckled as we finally approached the entrance. “I’m always right, how haven’t you learned that yet?”

“No, you’re usually right...” I corrected agreeably, gently pushing the my way inside, “But even more than that, you’re usually a huge pain.”

“Speaking of pain,” He smirked, staying behind as the door as it slowly shut, separating us, “Not even my feeling are hurt, so you know what that means!”

It took a second, but as he sarcastically saluted, backing up to the car, I suddenly remembered what part of our conversation he was referencing to.

“Ohhh...I hate you so much right now.”

Acute Challenges #1
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