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wRHG The Defiler VS Kalena Eirwen
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I couldn't write First-Person from August's perspective for obvious reasons, so I ended up going with Third. As it turns out, it's actually much different, so any advice you can give for improving, or opinions you have about the story would be much appreciated.

The sun was still orange when August greeted it with a groggy smile. Finally off of the boat that took him to his strange new land, he was eager to enjoy his first day of freedom, limited as it may be. Sitting up and twisting his body to face it directly, his legs dangled roughly fifty feet off the ground from on the oak branch which he was seated. Something in his gut told him it was going to be a good day, but it mostly told him that he was hungry. After taking one last minute to observe how dawn reflected on the grasslands below him, he finally shoved himself off the tree and instantly began plummeting downward head first. A jubilant chuckle escaped his lips as the wind rushed against him, and more specifically his face. When he had fallen roughly halfway, he reached behind him and grabbed a strand of rope, shaking in the wind, on the end of the utility box on his back and gave it a strong tug.

Cutting through the gust of his decent, the white wings of a glider suddenly burst out its sides, and after a swift lean upwards, the feral man was able to catch the wind and ride on top of it. Smile blooming; he looked at the ground in awe. Small animals were dashing throughout the bushes, deer were frolicking in the fields, and the birds were singing beautiful harmonies. It looked magical to the newly released prisoner, and he found himself wanting to savor the view.

Without warning, the peaceful tranquility that nature had provided was shattered by the device August carried in his jeans. Ringing at an alarming volume, it had taken the Defiler by surprise, but after a few seconds, he eventually dug his hand into his pocket and pulled the thing out. Sir Martin Venor had told him specifically to ‘flip it open’ as soon as he heard it, so that’s just what he did.

“August?” The man was shocked at how similar the noise it made sounded to his name, and how strikingly close it was to Guardian Wright’s voice. “August, are you there?” Maybe it was him…the Defiler pondered the thought heavily, knowing it had to be more than coincidence. “I guess not,” The device sighed before impatiently adding “Come on dammitt, pick up!” Was that the same as flipping it open? If it was, apparently it didn’t work.

Looking at the device in bewilderment, August shook it a few times as if it would fix the problem. “Broken.” He concluded aloud, but in immediate contradiction to his belief, heard the voice spoke up again in reply.

“August?!” The Defiler nodded to it. “Are you there?” The feral man cocked an eyebrow; he was positive nodding meant ‘yes’. “Answer me dammitt!” Now staring blankly at the device, August was at more of a loss for words than normal. Twice now he responded, three including ‘broken’. Why wasn’t it working? “I swear if you don’t pick up the phone, I’ll-” Without warning, the voice’s own sigh cut it off. “Oh that’s right. You’re an idiot. You have to speak for your phone to work. Yes or no: Are you there?”


Now frustrated, the voice replied in a growl. “Good. You’ve got a long day ahead of you, so listen.” August found it hard to listen, finding it much easier to be distracted. He was still flying high in the sky, the ground below was still beautiful, and he was pretty sure he could hum along to what the birds were singing. It was tempting to try, but that’d only get him in more trouble. “You’re first fight is today, and so long as you win when it’s over, I don’t care how you do it.” August could hear the pressing of buttons on the other end of the line before it spoke back up. “Follow the blinking dot and it’ll take you there. Courage guide you.”

Recognizing ‘Courage guide you’ to be the farewell of his homeland, it didn’t strike August as odd to hear the device stop speaking. What did surprise him however, was seeing his phone’s screen replaced with a map of his location in bird’s eye view. Considering he himself was in the air, it was easy to notice when the green correlated with the nearby trees, and similar clues led him to believe he was signified by the black arrow pointing forward. After a few seconds, he was able to point it at the flashing red spot in the upper right corner of the screen. Now on a set track, the Defiler’s smile bloomed, losing all his cares in the world as he began humming along with the cardinals. So far, it was a pretty good day.

Pacing the soon to be bloodied battle grounds, a young woman impatiently watched the horizon. Knowing that he foe could come from any direction on the forest floor, she kept her hand ever on her blade, a stance that did nothing for her companion’s mindset. “Your majesty,” He pleaded, “Must you battle the gladiator? They shall all kill each other on their own, should they not?”

“This one flaunts his crimes,” The royal woman replied, clutching her blade tighter as she spoke. “He’s called a ‘defiler’, Corvon. Do you not know what it means for a man to defile a woman?”

“But the report said it was because he had trespassed on holy grounds.”

“The report’s a lie,” The ruler stated coldly, “It’s nothing more than a generic fable that several of the combatants share. If one’s on the verge of death for virtually their entire life, it would decimate their mental stability. Nothing like what the Defiler demonstrated.”

With a heavy sigh, Corvon finally agreed. She did have a point, and the blade whose hilt she grasp literally prevented her from anything but the truth. “What are you going to do to him should he come?”

“Deliver justice.” The words cast the pair into silence as they took their focus off of each other and placed it back on the tree line. It was only a matter of time now…

Unfortunately for the duo however, it was a very long time. Having chased, captured, cooked, and consumed a critter halfway to the combat spot, August was well over an hour late. The blood from the squirrel’s initial killing had stained his yellow T-shirt and the bits of its charred flesh that clung between his teeth were visible when he smiled to the pair that had been waiting for him. Between the royal woman and her companion, no clarification of his identity was required. The burn arcing between his eyebrows and running down past his eyes had already done that for them.

“Leave us,” The woman ordered her companion, “I shall strike him down alone.” Although Corvon didn’t want to abandon her, he had no intention of being part of the fight itself. After giving her one final look, he nodded solemnly before departing into the thick forest a short distance away. With a gaze cold enough to freeze flames, the noble turned her eyes directly to August, who tilted his head in reply. “You will pay for your crimes.” As the words first began leaving her lips, she drew the sword wrapped around her knee high dress and readied it for combat.

“August did.” The Defiler responded. Not only had he paid for the vandalism he committed, he had gone above and beyond its cost. It was clear that the woman thought otherwise though, and even if she didn’t, they had a battle planned anyway. There was no need to be subtle, so he casually slid the utility box clamped on his back open and grabbed a handful of RazorDisks. “Ready?”

“I’ve been ready since before we were supposed to begin,” The woman stated, slowly beginning to approach August. “And as long as I know your name, I am called Kalena. Remember it, for it shall be the last thing you learn.”

Somehow the feral man doubted that, so immediately following a nonchalant shrug, he whipped one of his disks at the woman like it was a Frisbee. Void of emotion, Kalena twisted her wrist and blocked the weapon with the semi-flat side of her own before dashing forward. August grinned at her speed, and while leaping back, brought his arms together in an ‘x’ shape with a pair of disks in each hand between his fingers. Still airborne, he thrust them apart and all four of his projectiles ripped through the air, speeding at his adversary. Even with the addition of the extra three, it was nothing the woman warrior couldn’t handle. With extreme elegance, she spun from three of their paths, and upon completing her 360, brought the blade down on the last. As if the disk was no stronger than Jell-O, it effortlessly spit in halves that just missed her head as the blade passed through it.

It was one thing to block, but August wasn’t mentally prepared to fall witness to that. Mouth gaping, his shock prevented him from having a steady landing and as soon as his legs touched the earth, they slipped from beneath him. The dirt from his impact on the ground created a faint cloud, and while he tried to roll over, Kalena was able to close the remaining distance. Arm cocked back and ready to strike, she pounced at the grounded man. Only by seeing her shadow overtake his own was he aware of what was coming, so he used his limbs to leap like a crouched frog away. By a mere fraction of a second, the blade only met earth and not the feral man’s skin.

With a sign of relief and with his newly regained footing, August turned around to face his opponent who for reasons unknown to him, had yet to with draw her sword. Tilting his head to the side, he armed himself for his next barrage as he eyed her curiously while she stared back with extreme focus. It wasn’t until a second later that he discovered what was occurring. The very ground he stood on began shaking violently, and he was only able to sidestep half a pace before a stone spike shot out from under him. As its point pierced ankle, an agonized yelp barreled out of his lungs, but horror filled his eyes when he heard the metallic clank the massive mineral made when it stuck the bomb he wore. Had its casing been any weaker, his organs might have splattered across the battle field, but it was miraculously able to withstand the blow. Stumbling back to recover, the spike had caught the inside of his pant leg, and as it continued to grow, it brought him with it until it shred his pants up to his knee. Barely able to keep his equilibrium steady, August looked in bewilderment as four earthy walls shot up around him in an attempt to cage him inside.

“Bad!” He exclaimed with sheer urgency when they started to close around him. Getting crushed to death would be a pretty crappy way to die, so if there was any way to prevent it from happening, he’d do it. Pacing franticly to come up with a plan, one finally came to him when the distance between corners was roughly equal to his height. As quickly as he could, he dashed to the center of the northern wall, and he planted his back up against it as though he was going to try to hold it back. Knowing fully well it’d be an impossible act however; he lifted his feet and firmly placed them up against the south one to keep from falling. Carefully at first, he put one foot in front of the other to walk up it while he wiggled his back upwards so he could actually move. As desperation began setting in however, August gave up everything for speed.

Between his back growing sore and the discomfort of steadily growing more and more cramped, it wasn’t long before he slipped up. Taking a step just a little too high when the distance between the walls only an arms length, he plummeted suddenly as he lifted his other leg. His drop was a time most other men would’ve sworn, but between the lack of the habit, the vocabulary, and screeching sound his utility box made as it grinded against the wall, it was a feat August was incapable of. As he brought up his hands to protect his ears from the sound however, his eyes popped open when revelation suddenly came to him. The box! His gear! His PortalDisks would make him not die!

Like a light switch, the Defiler’s mood instantly flipped from frantic desperation to jubilant joy as he pulled what looked to be a pair of golden shields metallically held onto his utility box. After swiftly separating them, he tossed one straight up into the air, with its silvery liquid facing where he remembered Kalena to be.

Kneeling on the ground with the sword still in it, she almost looked to be a knight praying as she watched as her stone tower continued to condense. Out of the blue, she sensed that August was somehow escaping so she immediately darted her eyes to its peak. The royal woman’s mouth curved with confusion seeing nothing more than a shield emerge, but that swiftly changed to shock when a swan diving August dove out of it as though he was a dolphin breaking the surface of the sea. Smile blooming, the feral man rapidly plummeted at her as she ripped her blade from the earth and pointed it at him. Nothing he had could block a stab from her sword, so as she pulled her arm back, she aimed at his chest. One good blow was all she needed to end the battle and the life of her enemy.

As if his life wasn’t hanging in the balance, August grinned as he fluidly transitioned his feet so they would be in front of him. When he was finally in range, Kalena emotionlessly stabbed at the Defiler, but a swift axe kick to the flat potion of the blade was able to knock it out of her hand, returning it to the earth from which it had come. Without any time to dodge, the feral man delivered his other foot to the face of his foe and to the sound of the cartilage in her nose cracking; she was sent airborne for half of a yard, while the man landed with nothing more than a stumble between her and her sword.

Proud of himself and confident that he was victorious, August awaited the royal woman’s next move with a smile plastered on his face. He was a bit perplexed about what his adversary was chanting, but as far as he knew her sword was the source of all her power. Without it, she’d be unable to fight, which meant she wasn’t a threat. Just in case though, August reached into his utility box and pulled out a pair of RazorDisks, one in each palm.

Slowly rising back to her feet, Kalena cracked her gushing nose back into place with her left hand as a strange sword materialized in her right. To August, it was an obvious bad sign, and as she darted at him with a horizontal slash, he quickly ducked. It was a reaction his adversary was expecting, and considering her blade was meant to cut transient objects, one she was hoping for. With August only being up to her waist, the woman found him easy to leapfrog, planting her free hand on his shoulder and pushing off violently. Adding a mule kick to the back of his skull, she launched herself at her other sword while August’s face disrupted the dirt it landed on with a massive ‘wump’.

“Head hurt,” The Defiler murmured groggily as he gradually pushed himself to his feet. As if it would help him recover, he tried shaking his head, but when he heard the grass behind him crush under someone’s weight, the man quickly whirled around. Kalena was already upon him however, and through his blurry vision he witnessed her slash at his midsection. A sudden step back prevented it from being fatal, but blood spewed into the air as her blade ripped through his shirt and dug a centimeter diagonally into his gut. Yelping in pain, the feral man instinctively covered his new wound, and with agony being the only thing registering in his brain, he failed to notice Kalena’s stab in time to evade it fully. Only managing part of a spin, her sword pierced his side, cutting through his bottom rib like it was nothing.

With a primal howl, he crashed on the ground while the blade was retracted. Even as a crimson pool began forming under him, he looked neither angry nor defeated. The only thing his jade eyes conveyed was determination and will. Not counting excruciating anguish anyway. Through his shaky pants and half closed eyes, he watched Kalena like a hawk as she took slow, steady steps towards him.

“You’re nothing but a puppet,” She stated, pointing her blade at his neck, but still a few feet too far to actually stab it through it, “And I shall go through you to pierce the hand that holds you up.”

“August not lose,” He replied with a frail smirk, gripping the disk in his right hand and pulling it back slightly. After a moment of hesitation he jerked it forward at her neck, and following his arm’s sudden movement Kalena quickly brought up her blade to block. Instead of his right projectile flying at her however, the Defiler flicked his left wrist and sent the RazorDisk in it soaring at her knee. With ease, his weapon connected and buried itself an inch deep just above her shin. Only by biting her lip was the royal woman able to hold in a scream, and as her leg buckled, August was able to scamper to his feet. Knowing she was doomed if she gave into the pain, Kalena did her best to shut it out of her mind, and partially accomplished it by shifting most of her weight to her other leg. Clenching her sword tighter, she knew she only had to keep it under control for a few more seconds. Her adversary was almost upon her, and as they both readied their weapons, August by pulling his entire arm back, and Kalena by lifting her sword over her head, their expressions almost reflected each other’s. They both showed distress and even more fight, but the difference was the Defiler’s face was actually fairly warm while the royal woman’s was cold.

In one swift and simultaneous movement, they both made their move. The woman’s blade seemed to slice through the wind as she brought it down at the feral man’s head, but with his hand already at his back, August was a just a hair quicker. Pivoting ninety degrees, he grabbed the rope dangling off the bottom of his utility box, and out of the blue the white wings of his glider burst out of its sides at breathtaking speeds. Although it didn’t weigh much, its sheer velocity went above and beyond what was needed as it slammed into her chest, knocking the wind out of her, and shoving her violently to the ground.

Her grunt was hidden under the booming thud her impact created, and before she could even begin to push herself to her feet, she felt the Defiler’s cool shadow cast over her face. Cracking an eye open, she saw that he was barely airborne, and sooner than the second ended, she yelped, feeling his feet stomp on both of her wrists. If the roles would’ve been reversed, August wouldn’t have been able to see anything but what was up her skirt. Without seeing the awkwardness of the situation, he crouched down by about half his height and placed his disk against her neck with a smile.

“Fight over,” He happily told her, pulling his weapon up a few inches before gently setting it down next to her. Kalena usually did a good job keeping emotion out of her eyes, but her waves of confusion were evident when the feral man stepped off of her and helped her to her feet. He was behaving like they weren’t beaten, battered, bloodied and bruised. Like they were teammates in a different fight…she just couldn’t understand it. He was called the Defiler for goodness sake!

“Courage guide you,” He smiled to her, turning to leave. Before he could however, a hand on his shoulder stopped him, and he gradually turned back around to face Kalena.

“The Defiler…,” She questioned with more than a hint of bewilderment, “How did that come to define you?”

Before he said any words, the feral man gave her a shrug and glanced to his exposed anklet. Without his jeans in the way, the red dots around it glowed brightly. “August break house.” He told her simply, “Still in big trouble.”

wRHG The Defiler VS Kalena Eirwen
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